Interactive website with unique experience for every KVO fan

Vision XR developed a series of brand new websites for KV Ostend, the basis for a new digital platform, with a modern look and handy functionalities for fans, business partners and other site visitors. Taking into account the preferences of KV Oostende, we drew the outlines for the web project in a chronological plan. After final approval the project could start, with new websites for KV Oostende, KVO Events and KVO SE’Academy.

As a first step, we began by drawing out the navigation structure for each site. Then we started building wireframes, to shape the structure of individual pages. Once the wireframes received approval, the actual construction of the websites could begin. We set up all the different pages and integrated the necessary content. 

The social feed page is an example of a new addition that allows KV Oostende to involve its fans even closer to the club. Live feeds from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can now be followed in real time on the site, with the latest posts from and about KV Oostende. In addition, the social media accounts of KV Oostende players can now be found on the site with their respective player profiles.

Our web experts also implemented a live API that automatically updates match results and rankings. This way, fans can follow all match results of KV Oostende closely.

These are just some of the new features. Feel free to take a look for yourself and discover much more on the new kvo.be.

Vision XR already launched the Instagram action in September (2020) for our sick little supporter Thibault. There, the first seeds were laid for this productive collaboration. Today, Vision XR has given us a brand new website, a real digital hub, and has enabled us to modernize the digital embodiment of our club and bring it in line with the general philosophy.
Thorsten Theys
COO KV Oostende