Search Engine Marketing

With Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) we can improve the position of your website in search results from Google and other search engines. 


Search engine optimisation (SEO) comprises a whole series of site improvements that make your website more comprehensible to search engines and ultimately give your site a higher organic position in the search results (for example, in Google).

The effects of these adjustments are usually only visible after a few weeks-months, but in the longer term SEO has often proven to be a very effective ROI strategy.

Google Advertising

Do you want a temporary but immediate impact on Google for your site? Then Google Advertising is your best option. Specifically, you pay for ads to be displayed in Google during a specific period of time, based on your advertising budget. There are two options:

  • Search advertising (SEA): Google shows your ads in the top results for specific keywords you want to score for. Ideal if your main objective is that visitors buy products or perform specific actions ('conversions') on your website.

  • Display advertising: Google displays your ads on a range of external partner websites (Google Display Network). Display is slightly less expensive than SEA and is the best choice if you mainly want to generate extra brand awareness for your site & company.

What can SEO/SEA achieve for my company?

Our team can support your business in reaching the top positions in Google's search results, both in the short term (SEA) and the longer term (SEO). For example, while working on SEO improvements for your site, we can launch some SEA ads to get your site in the top results of Google right away.

Is your Google advertising campaign running well? We can also retarget visitors who have recently viewed your website with new ads. This is possible starting from 100 site visits in the last 30 days via display or from 1000 site visits in the last 30 days via SEA.

Our Process

Exploratory discussion

The first step is to discuss your ideas, expectations and planning.

Keyword analysis

We identify the focus keywords for your SEO/SEA campaign based on popularity and relevance to your business.

Set-up campaign(s)

We prepare your ad campaign(s) for launch and create ad texts and/or display banners. For SEO, we carry out a website scan and propose optimisations with the highest priority.

Launch of campaign(s)

We publish your advertising campaigns and/or implement approved SEO suggestions.

SEO audit & monthly reporting

Every month, you can expect a summary report with the most important statistics for your SEA/display campaign. We adjust bids for SEA keywords where necessary.

Evaluation of campaign(s)

At the end of your campaign, we will present you with a general overview of your campaign performance. Interested in renewing our cooperation? We will give you some suggestions for future campaigns.

Why choose Vision XR?

Customised campaigns

SEO and SEA campaigns tailored to your business needs and budget.

Monthly analysis

Monthly reporting and monitoring of your campaigns.

Feedback & evaluation

Regular feedback moments and evaluation with suggestions for the future.

Wondering how we can give your business a boost?

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