Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology used to convert real-life objects into 3D objects. These 3D objects are then placed in a virtual environment. Unlike AR, special digital glasses are required to see the VR effects in all their glory.

Virtual reality can be used in a wide range of marketing actions for your business. For example, you can present your products to your customers in a virtual showroom, especially interesting at times when you cannot invite customers into your showroom.

Other examples are VR tutorial videos, interactive VR games, personalised VR configurators (let your customers design their own product), VR simulators, ...

Let's discuss which VR applications can be great marketing tools for your business. You name it, we create it!

How can VR benefit you and/or your company?

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that can transform real-life concepts into digital creations and bring these creations together with real-world objects.

AR is still a relatively new technology for the time being and has not yet been used consistently by many companies. One of the first popular examples was the app Pokémon GO, which grew into a global hype in the summer of 2016. As this example illustrates, the use of AR can become a huge success if implemented smartly. Most AR examples are developed for mobile applications, such as filters for social media and interactive games.

Become a true pioneer on social media and be one of the first companies in your industry to show off innovative AR-filters. Grab the attention and sympathy of your target audience with technology that most of them haven't even discovered yet.

The possibilities of augmented reality are endless. For example, you can turn your product into an Instagram filter or offer your followers an interactive AR game where they have to collect as many points as possible. Move your character by turning your head left or right.

This can be a fun & creative way to introduce your products to your audience. The art gallery game we made for artist Benjamin Spark already proved to be a great success on social media. Is your company the next big AR project?

How can AR benefit you and/or your company?

Our Process

Exploratory discussion

The first step is to discuss your ideas, expectations and planning.

Collecting & preparing visuals

We collect all the necessary visuals to design your interactive application.

Sketch & design

We prepare several designs to give you a visual idea of what the application would look like.


Once the designs are approved, we start developing your application.

Feedback & Review

Final comments? Don't worry, we can make adjustments where necessary.

Final evaluation

A few weeks after the launch, we will provide you with a general overview of your campaign performance to date at a meeting.

Why choose Vision XR?

Become an online pioneer

Unique & modern technology that presents your brand as an online pioneer in your industry. Engages followers interactively with your brand/products.

Strong expertise

Development team with experience in AR & VR development.

7/7 support

Daily project support & regular updates on your campaign results.

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